Take control over your teleconferencing

InterLinked Teleconferencing is free, flexible teleconferencing — your way!

  • Powerful host management dashboard
  • Unlimited conferences
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Multi-moderator support
  • Optional PIN support
  • Advanced conference configuration options
  • Free (optional) recording

User privacy is very important to us. Participant information is only retained during the conference and does not persist after the conference is over. For that reason, we cannot generate participant reports for you — this information can only be viewed in real time.

InterLinked Teleconferencing is supported through sponsor ads that play to attendees before joining a conference.

Our premium service offers all the benefits of our free service, in addition to:

  • No ads before joining a conference
  • Dedicated DID telephone number for even easier access!

If you would like to sponsor the service by playing a short audio advertisement to callers entering free conferences, please call us or email us by clicking 'Contact' in the footer below. Rates are based on advertisement length.

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